*Final Reflection for Final Project*****

For my ECMP 355 Final Project, I am creating a resource that can be used for a Core French High School unit called "La Francophonie". I want to connect with speakers from as many countries as possible that use French as an official language. I want to portray how different French speakers are throughout the world with them reading the exact same script. I would like to have one speaker represent each of the 29 countries for which they would send me an audio recording of the following script:

«Chers amis, je vous souhaite la bienvenue de/du (ajoute le nom de votre pays). Il est incroyable que la technologie soit tellement avancée qu’elle nous donne l’opportunité de faire des liens avec des gens autour du monde. On n’a pas de limites à pouvoir converser avec d’autres Francophones dans d’autres pays. J’ai hâte de voir comment la technologie va s’intégrer dans nos vies quotidiennes dans le futur. Bonne journée à tous! »

Furthermore, I will be adding information about each country: total population, population of french speakers, other languages spoken in the country, etc

Google map: http://bit.ly/hSTeiM

*The recordings can be emailed to me: celestelalonde@hotmail.com
Audacity is the recommended audio program

Here are the countries that have French as an Official Language:

1) Democratic Republic of the Congo
2) France (represented)
3) Canada (represented)
4) Madagascar
5) Cameroon (represented *waiting on recording)
6) Cote d'Ivoire
7) Burkina Faso
8) Niger (represented)
9) Senegal
10) Mali
11) Rwanda (represented *waiting on recording)
12) Belgium (represented)
13) Guinea
14) Chad
15) Haiti
16) Burundi (represented)
17) Benin
18) Switzerland (represented)
19) Togo
20) Central African Republic
21) Republic of Congo
22) Gabon
23) Comoros
24) Equatorial Guinea
25) Djibouti
26) Luxembourg
27) Vanuatu
28) Seychelles
29) Monaco

Extra recordings for countries where French is not** an Official language:
1) Algeria (represented)
2) Tunisia (represented)